Notebook mainboard

Source: Time:2014/8/29 0:00:00
【TYPE】: NotebookTypical notebook mainboard
【Difficulty】: Ⅰ.This product adopts an Intel Centrino chip;
Ⅱ.The North Bridge and the CPU are not in the same side;
Ⅲ.Features: cross connection of 800MHz FSB bus, 6-layer board, and small routing layers.
Ⅳ.It is required to have less routing on the surface layer as this board will be provided to the third party as a reference board and the board should be designed strictly according to the "Yellow Book"
Ⅴ.The coverage rate of ICT should reach 95% (including the single-point network)
【Countermeasure】: Ⅰ.Thorough research on the characteristics of pin definitions, comprehensive planning;
Ⅱ.Properly would lines inside the North Bridge and the CPU;
Ⅲ.Fully understanding of the key degree of signals, treated them respectively, and distributed important signals in priority routing layers: 
Ⅳ.Upon placement, we considered ICT requirements, and left necessary space for ICT. Multi-person concurrent design assured the board design progress;
【Result】: The first version of the demo board was debugged successfully, so it was very smooth to conduct software debugging.

notebook mainboard