Name A Second-Order HDI Cell Phone Board

Source: Time:2014/8/29 0:00:00
【TYPE】: Typical high-end consumer electronic product board
【Difficulty】: Ⅰ.Very small, its main board is half the size of a common cell phone board.
Ⅱ.Strange shape results in great limits for routing; 
Ⅲ.GSM & WCDMA dual-mode cell phone results in a large radio-frequency area.
Ⅳ.Super-thin cell phone solution limits the board thickness; placing the whole radio-frequency module under the baseband chip results in great limits in hole drilling on the baseband chip;
Ⅴ.Originally, ALIVH materials was to be used, but considering cost and risk reduction, we used second-order buried via scheme, but the  routing requirements were not degrade.
【Countermeasure】: Ⅰ.By discussing with multiple PCB manufacture partners, we set appropriate design parameters;
Ⅱ.With RF experts' participation in PCB design, strict design process assured signal quality of the board;
Ⅲ.Careful optimization achieved the best coordination among requirements of different parties;
【Result】: Design fulfilled according to the plan, successful CAM and smooth debugging.

high-end consumer electronic product board