Name Switching Board of L3 Core Routing Switch

Source: Time:2014/8/29 0:00:00
【TYPE】: Typical high-speed board
【Difficulty】: Ⅰ.Using BCM56601 chipset scheme with RLDRAM, DDRII SDEAM, TCAM;
Ⅱ.Strict requirement for time sequence;
Ⅲ.Multiple pairs of 3.12G signals, 48 pairs of 1.25G signals, and each pair of signal is 13 inches long;
Ⅳ.Strictly controlled impedance, various kinds of power supplies, 8 kinds of current above 6 Amperes, a large number of phase lock loops (PLLs);
Ⅴ.The number of pins on a board is more than 25000, and a large number of network rules;
【Countermeasure】: Ⅰ.Making detailed data analysis to calculate time sequence, HSPICE simulates the routing rules of 1.25G signals and 3.125G signals;
Ⅱ.Pre-simulation determines the routing topology of RLDRAM, DDEIISDEAM and TCAM, and post-simulation assures their time sequence;
Ⅲ.Reasonably design current routing channels through current calculating software;
Ⅳ.Multi-person concurrent design ensures board design process;
【Result】: Completion time of board design is half of the customer's estimated time, and the signal quality complies with the requirements. 

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