Name PMC (Pic Mezzanine Card)

Source: Time:2014/8/29 0:00:00
【TYPE】: Typical high-speed & high-density HDI board
【Difficulty】: Ⅰ.18 pieces of DDRII chips mounted on both face and back;
Ⅱ.High-density placement, strict topology structure and time sequence relation;
Ⅲ.Multiple large currents, and strict heat design to meet clients' requirements;
【Countermeasure】: Ⅰ.Making detailed data analysis to calculate time sequence;
Ⅱ.Conducting pre-simulation to determine DDRII' s routing topology, and delete some unnecessary matching resistance.
Ⅲ.Conducting post-simulation to assure their time sequence;
Ⅳ.Reasonable design current routing channels through current calculating software;
Ⅴ.Using HDI design to meet density requirements;
Ⅵ .Multi-person concurrent design ensures board design progress;
【Result】: Completion time of board design is half of the customer's estimated time, and the signal quality complies with the requirements. 

high-speed &high-density HDI board